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The Swinging Sticks® - Infringers

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The Swinging Sticks is backed by American, Chinese and WIPO patents. Furthermore, it is a registered trademark. Unfortunately, this does not stop infringers to copy and sell counterfeit versions of The Swinging Sticks and pretend to sell them as the real patented version.

How to spot counterfeits

  • The counterfeit versions are often made from low-grade plastic.
  • Chinese letters on the packaging
  • There are no pictures showing any serial numbers

Pictures of counterfeits


Difference between real and fake

  • The real Swinging Sticks offers 5-years warranty on originals. There is no warranty on the fake versions.
  • Real version will continue to swing for up to 2 years. The counterfeit version stops often after a few days.
  • Real version is made by high-quality components. The counterfeit version is made from low-quality components that easily break.
  • Real version has a laser imprinted serial number under the base to always prove that it is a real version. The counterfeit obviously does not have this.
  • The real version works. The counterfeit doesn't.






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