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The Swinging Sticks® - Collection




Introduction to The Swinging Sticks

The Swinging Sticks is intriguing and fascinating. The arms continue to swing and flow noiselessly without interruptions. It is a simple but at the same time a very advanced and elegant sculpture. By the use of the magnetic force The Swinging Sticks will continue to swing for up to two years without stopping. The Swinging Sticks almost seem to defy the laws of physics and gravity. It is the double pendulum kinetic energy perpetual motion desk sculpture.


Geelong Shop offers 5 years warranty on all purchases of The Swinging Sticks Original. We do this because we know that every shipped Swinging Sticks is of the absolute highest quality. The components used to assemble The Swinging Sticks are sourced from the best quality suppliers all around the world. Assembling The Swinging Sticks is done by hand and takes approximately 8 hours per finished product because everything needs to be adjusted into the exact right positions. If anything is not in the exact position The Swinging Sticks will not work. In order to ensure that you only receive a 100% working Swinging Sticks in perfect condition, we will let all of The Swinging Sticks run for 7-10 days. If there are any fluctuations or imperfections with any of The Swinging Sticks, the product will be destroyed and will not be shipped. Furthermore, all components including the arms and the base are inspected for any bruises or dents. If we find any bruises or dents the components will not be used. We do this to ensure the absolute highest quality of The Swinging Sticks.


The History of The Swinging Sticks

The Swinging Sticks was created by two Germans who were aiming to design a perpetual motion machine. They spent many years and hours working on creating the perfect perpetual motion machine. A machine that would continue to swing forever without stopping. The result was The Swinging Sticks. The Swinging Sticks was the absolute closest they could get to a perfect perpetual motion machine. A 100% perfect working perpetual motion machine is impossible to create because of friction, however, The Swinging Sticks comes very close. On a single set of 4 AA alkaline batteries The Swinging Sticks will continue to swing for up to two years. This means that only very little extra power is added to The Swinging Sticks. Therefore, the two Germans created the perfect perpetual motion machine illusion. After creating a working prototype of The Swinging Sticks the two Germans began to send out small samples from their workshop in Germany. The Swinging Sticks became more and more popular over the years and is today sold all over the world. 

The Swinging Sticks in Iron Man 2

In 2010 The Swinging Sticks became even more popular after the director of Marvel's Iron Man 2 chose to feature The Swinging Sticks in a scene between Pepper Potts and Tony Stark in the movie. The director had been in Taiwan where he found The Swinging Sticks in a local store. He found the product so intriguing that he decided to bring it back with him to United States and use it in his movie Iron Man 2.
After The Swinging Sticks was featured in Iron Man 2, the product has risen even further in popularity and is now cemented as one of the top kinetic sculptures in the world. This has lead to the product being displayed all over the world in art galleries, shops, hotels and offices.
The Swinging Sticks Original as seen in Iron Man 2 The Swinging Sticks Iron Man 2 Pepper Potts and Tony Stark Perpetual Motion Kinetic Energy Sculpture

Perfect product for

The Swinging Sticks is the perfect product for many occasions. Here are some examples:

        • Gifts
        • Offices
        • Desks (as seen on Pepper Potts desk in Iron Man 2)
        • Shelves
        • Lobbies
        • Waiting rooms
        • Conference rooms
        • Galleries
        • Home decoration
        • Brain storm centers
        • And many other places!

      Copyright and patent

      The Swinging Sticks is a copyrighted and patented product and a registered trademark. Even though we are trying as much as possible to protect and preserve the high quality and brand of The Swinging Sticks infringing versions of The Swinging Sticks are still, unfortunately, offered from time to time. If you spot an infringing Swinging Sticks, please contact us immediately.


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